Read this. Because it’s not a guise to sell you disinfectent wipes.

Read this. Because it’s not a guise to sell you disinfectent wipes.

When I started this blog, I joined a few Facebook groups for “mom bloggers” or “mommy influencers.” These are groups where a bunch of mommy bloggers get together in a secret group and post links to their blogs and Pinterest pins and Instagram posts, etc. etc. and have this mutual agreement that they will re-post, pin, comment, like, or otherwise promote each other’s blog post in an effort to (possibly) help each other grow a following. But I think the real intent is to help each other get a bunch of fake views and engagement so they can show potential advertisers and sponsors these numbers and make some extra money blogging. Even if you have never been part of a top secret mommy blogger group, you know what I’m talking about because you see these blog posts on your Facebook feed. And if you’re anything like me, you totally feel ripped off when you start to read something only to realize it was all a guise to sell you Clorox disinfectant wipes.

I have been torn by this concept. I mean, on one hand, extra money is always a good thing. And I love money. I want money. In fact I’d love to make lots and lots of money writing. On the other hand, there’s something really fake about what’s going on there… The writing in these blogs is usually not very authentic and it often feels like these ladies are selling things they’ve legit never even used. And so… I’d argue with myself over and over about whether this is a valid use of my writing skills. Then the “other” devil on my shoulder would remind me that this isn’t really all that different from what big media companies do with advertisers. And I’m a business woman. And then I’d argue with myself back and forth. You do that, right??

But anyway..

A few weeks ago, I was on one of these groups and there was a post looking for bloggers in Florida who would be willing to promote a local product for money. Being super curious, and loving money, I commented that I would be interested.

Within 24 hours I received two offers to post things on my blog in exchange for money. Both emails were similarly written offering to pay me $80 and $50 to simply copy and paste something on my blog that this person would even write for me. It would be promoting a product I’ve never used, and actually had no interest in using. $130 for copy and pasting… not so shabby.

Except…. Integrity.

I happen to be in the midst of listening to an audiobook by my favorite blogger, Jenny Lawson. Jenny runs a blog called “The Bloggess” that has been around for… umm.. at least 10 years (probably a lot more) and her writing is inexplicitly raw. Like super raw. She talks about her battle with depression, really weird shit that has shaped her life, and more really weird shit that happens to her every day. I laugh when I read her blog. She also has (at least) three books that are New York Times Best Sellers.

Every once in awhile on the Bloggess, she mentions a sponsor at the end of a post. She also has advertisers. And a list of links she jokingly claims to promote “not just to support her wine slushie habit.” But you will never ever find one of these ridiculous copy/paste posts from a sponsor that exists purely to sell you something. And this is when it dawned on me. I’d much rather play the long game and strive toward a NYT Best Seller, than make a quick $130. And I’d even much rather never have a NYT Best Seller, and settle for integrity.

So this was just one long-handed way for me to say… Keep reading my blog, if you want. And never expect that I’ll be here just trying to sell you something. I promise. Never. Comment when you can, or want to, or feel like it, but comment with your real thoughts… because I’m interested in knowing what you think.

Also, I think I’m going to get a lot more raw on here. I put the word “unfiltered” in my blog’s name because I wanted to remind myself to be super authentic. Hold me to that, please.

End. Rant. Thanks for reading 😊

Pictured: Me hanging upside down in my inversion table in a very messy garage with a Diaper Genie by my head.. Because it’s random and I don’t know what kind of photo goes with this post. And my blog requires me to have a “featured image.” Full disclosure… I’d never try to sell you an inversion table because I’m actually not very sure how I feel about the inversion table. I’m also not trying to sell the Diaper Genie because really whether you would like it or not is a matter of personal preference. Unless you want to buy ours. I will sell it to you because we are not using it anymore.

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