What kind of mom blogger are you? + Bonus video on making your own delicious homemade coconut milk and flour (It’s sooo good!)

What kind of mom blogger are you? + Bonus video on making your own delicious homemade coconut milk and flour (It’s sooo good!)

When I decided to start a blog, I began browsing a number of mom blogs to get inspiration and to determine what type of blogger I’d like to be. While every blog has its unique flair, I was able to bucket most of what I read into four basic categories.

The socialite – These local buzz and events aficionados do a great job profiling things to do with your little ones, events, local businesses, and social opportunities. These moms are doing the homework for us. Thank you! There’s a great example of this in Boca, Modern Boca Mom. BONUS – They are also able to make a nice extra penny with sponsored posts.

The “Pinterest” mom blogger – These moms take amazing photos, have perfect hair and make-up, and never have anything out of place in their home. (seriously, is this real???) They show us how to make gorgeous things out of old palettes and toilet paper rolls and ALSO make some extra cash off of sponsored posts. One of my high school classmates has one of these blogs, Red Locks and Shamrocks. She is so gorgeous and her house is so pretty. I have no idea how all of this happens.

The adventuress – I think I’m the most envious of this type of blogger. These moms go on legit adventures, sometimes around the world with their families and document their amazing experiences and worldly, beautiful pictures. These blogs give us a double click into the lives of those crazy families you see on House Hunters International. I admire these bloggers so much. I love this one, Rockies to Islands.

The “honest” mom blogger – These bloggers highlight the insanity that comes with the mom job. They use the word “f*ck” a lot, which may limit their opportunities for sponsored posts. But the truths they convey are relatable. Reading their work (or watching their videos) is like reading the voice inside your head that says things that do not feel appropriate enough to say out loud. They make you feel okay about sometimes wanting to hide in a closet and cry because momming and adulting are HARD jobs that often hurt, scare the shit out of you, and make you want to scream (all while being the most rewarding job in the world, right????). The best of these mom bloggers (like my fav, The Bloggess, or another fav Imomsohard), are illustrative writers that bring the pain to life, and the best ones become New York Times Best Selling Authors, touring comedians, or at the very least can possibly make an extra $25 a month through Google AdSense.

I’m here to portray my experience with momming in real life

Without a doubt, hands down, the “honest” mom blogger is who I aspire to be. In today’s world, I play some very distinct roles: I’m a mom, a wife, a corporate girl in Fortune 50 tech, and an aspiring entrepreneur. But at my core, I’m a writer. Writing taps into a part of my soul that fills me up with endorphins and puts me in a zone that nothing else does. I’ve loved to write as long as I can remember, and while writing has always been part of my day job, the ability to tell my own stories with my own perspective… the good, the bad, and the ugly, is completely freeing. And to be frank, it’s liberating to publish cuss words on the internet…. I’m serious, you should try it.

But of course, that doesn’t mean I lack the desire to make waves on Pinterest and Youtube, or that I don’t plan to write about some pretty rad adventures in the future. I’m actually a pretty good cook, a bit of a DIYer, and I like to go out and do cool things with my kids. So here and there, I may try to compete with the ranks of Socialites, Adventuresses, and Pinterest moms.

Naturally, I’m now transitioning to the coconut milk and coconut flour recipe, because this is my attempt as being a Pinterest mom!

Since moving to South Florida three years ago, Boca Super Dad became obsessed with growing, cooking, and eating tropical fruit. He immersed himself into that passion so much that he found a new career path in starting a landscape design company that focuses on edible landscaping. His passion is contagious, so as a family we have managed to plant like 40 fruit trees and are constantly fruit hunting (read a funny story about that here). The tropics have been great to us – we almost always have delicious fresh, homegrown coconut, mango, papaya, avocado, pomegranate, herbs, or veggies on our counter.

One of my favorite things that has come from this is the ability to make our own fresh coconut milk and flour (and also drink the fresh coconut water). I’m telling you, making it is no joke. It takes a long ass time, and it is really labor intensive. But the resulting product is out of this world and NOTHING like anything you’d buy in a can, carton, or plastic bag.


isn’t it all so pretty?

So with that, I share this video. It’s 13 minutes long (I know, so long), BUT it goes over every step of our process for making fresh coconut milk and flour. Also, it’s a hilarious example of why I could never be a real “Pinterest mom blogger.”  The video production is mediocre and accidentally vertical, the kitchen is a mess (although I did my best to keep the clutter and dirty dishes out of the frame), my kids interrupt me at least 5 times, and my hair and face are completely hungover from a long day at work. One time a wonderful mom I know asked me how I manage to find the time to do all of the things I do… work, 3 kids, blog, etc. This is how! My life is a great mess… but it’s good!

Anyway, check out the video. Try it for yourself (if you dare), and let me know what you think. What kind of mom blogger do you relate to best?

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