Don’t Judge a Day by its First Five Minutes

Don’t Judge a Day by its First Five Minutes

Blog #1 by Boca Bookworm, age 8

Hi today is June 30 , 2017.

In this blog I am going to talk about my day. If I did not do a great job on this blog please don’t blame me cause it’s only my first blog.

Now on with the story. Today, I woke up because my dad was calling me. I was so so so so tired. My dad called to wake up only 5 minutes before we left so I did not have a lot of time to get ready. I did not eat breakfast before we left so we stopped to get donuts. I usually get chocolate covered donuts but this time I had to get a vanilla because they where out of chocolate ☹️. I liked it anyway. Next, we to my baby brother, Caleb’s doctor appointment which was so fun cause we got to play with him and he laughed and smiled so much. It was adorable. After that, we went to drop off my brothers, Hunter and Caleb at daycare and when we did I got to stay in the office with miss Maria and since my dad is a landscape designer I got to help miss Maria plant a plant. Then, we went to buy a pipe and apparently I was sweating. But I got to stand in front of a giant fan. Lastly, we got TACOS which are my fav food. I ate 4 chicken tacos. I hope you enjoyed my day. Now I know not to judge a day by its first 5 minutes.



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